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Chicago Naperville Doula
Supporting Women through
Pregnancy and Birth

Welcome to Heart to Heart Birth Doula. It is my belief that every woman should design their own birth experience. I am here to help you achieve your goals and provide you with support before and during labor and birth.  


There are so many choices and options.  This is where a Doula is beneficial.  I am trained to provide evidence based and unbiased information so that you have the facts to make decisions.


Every woman has different needs during their labor. As a doula I use the power of touch, massage, Reiki, and reassuring words to reduce stress and anxiety during labor. I will also suggest different positions to help with comfort and to move labor along. I will join you at home or the hospital and will remain with you during labor, delivery, and post partum, until mom, dad and baby are comfortable.

Your partner may also find a doula's presence very comforting. I will be there in addition to, not instead of, your partner or support person.


We will all work together to make your experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible! I want you to have the birth YOU desire, as YOU design it!

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